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Car Insurance with Military Discounts: Best Options for Service Members

Military personnel often face unique challenges, including frequent relocations and extended deployments. Many insurance companies recognize these challenges and offer special discounts and benefits to active duty members, veterans, and their families. Car insurance with military discounts can help service members save money while ensuring they have the necessary coverage. This guide explores the benefits, tips for finding the best military car insurance, and top insurers offering military discounts.

Benefits of Military Car Insurance Discounts

Cost Savings
Lower Premiums: Military discounts can significantly reduce car insurance premiums.
Additional Discounts: Combining military discounts with other discounts (e.g., multi-policy, safe driver) can lead to further savings.
Tailored Coverage
Deployment Flexibility: Some insurers offer flexible policies that accommodate deployment situations.
Specialized Policies: Insurance policies can be tailored to meet the unique needs of military families.
Added Benefits
Storage Coverage: Coverage options for vehicles stored during deployment.
Family Discounts: Discounts often extend to family members of military personnel.

Tips for Finding the Best Military Car Insurance

Compare Quotes from Multiple Insurers

Shop Around: Obtain quotes from various insurance providers to compare rates and coverage.
Use Online Tools: Online comparison tools can streamline the process and highlight the best military discounts.

Look for Military-Friendly Insurers

Specialized Providers: Some insurers specialize in serving military personnel and offer more comprehensive benefits.
Reputation and Reviews: Research customer reviews and insurer ratings to find companies known for excellent service to military members.
Inquire About Deployment Options
Storage Plans: Ask about coverage for vehicles stored during deployment.
Policy Flexibility: Ensure the policy can be adjusted or suspended during deployment periods.
Combine Discounts
Multi-Policy Discounts: Bundle car insurance with other policies (e.g., home insurance) for additional savings.
Safe Driver Discounts: Maintain a clean driving record to qualify for safe driver discounts.
Evaluate Coverage Needs
Adequate Protection: Ensure the policy provides adequate protection based on your driving habits and deployment status.
Liability Limits: Check the liability limits to ensure they meet your financial protection needs.

Top Insurers Offering Military Discounts


Military Focused: Exclusively serves military members, veterans, and their families.
Comprehensive Coverage: Offers a wide range of coverage options tailored to military needs.
Deployment Flexibility: Provides storage and deployment coverage options.

Eligibility: Only available to military personnel and their families.

Military Discounts: Offers up to 15% discount for military members.
Flexible Policies: Provides options for vehicle storage during deployment.
Strong Customer Service: Known for excellent customer service and easy claims process.

Coverage Limitations: Some discounts and options may vary by state.
Armed Forces Insurance (AFI)

Specialized Insurer: Focuses on serving military personnel and their families.
Comprehensive Coverage: Offers a range of coverage options including deployment and storage solutions.
Personalized Service: Provides tailored policies and dedicated customer support.

Limited Availability: May not offer coverage in all states.

Military Discounts: Provides discounts specifically for military members.
Online Convenience: Easy online quote and policy management.
Flexible Coverage Options: Offers customizable policies to fit military lifestyles.

Online Focus: Primarily an online insurer, which may not suit those preferring in-person service.

Variety of Discounts: Offers military discounts and other savings opportunities.
Snapshot Program: Usage-based insurance program that rewards safe driving with discounts.
Comprehensive Coverage: Wide range of coverage options including deployment considerations.

Complex Discount Structure: Some customers find the discount structure and policy options complex to navigate.
Additional Considerations
Maintain a Good Driving Record
Safe Driving: Avoid accidents and traffic violations to qualify for additional discounts.
Driver Training: Consider completing defensive driving courses to enhance driving skills and receive discounts.
Regularly Review Your Policy
Annual Review: Conduct an annual review of your policy to ensure it still meets your needs and to explore new discounts.
Update Information: Keep your insurer updated on any changes in your status, such as deployments or relocations.
Utilize Military Resources
Military Assistance Programs: Utilize resources and assistance programs available through military organizations to find the best insurance options.
Financial Counseling: Seek financial counseling available to military members for advice on managing insurance and other financial matters.
Car insurance with military discounts offers significant benefits, including cost savings, tailored coverage, and added flexibility for deployment situations. By comparing quotes, looking for military-friendly insurers, and combining discounts, military personnel can find the best car insurance to meet their needs. Companies like USAA, GEICO, Armed Forces Insurance, Esurance, and Progressive provide excellent options for military members. Start comparing quotes today to take advantage of the best military car insurance discounts and ensure comprehensive protection for your vehicle.